Origin Story:

Our non profit LoveSetMatch is in contact with a Ukrainian family that has asked us to sponsor their escape from Donetsk, Ukraine.  Please let me introduce you to Oleg Zhytnyk (sometimes spelled Zhitnik) and his family.  Oleg is an avid tennis player and Coach.  He has trained his son since he was young.  His son Georgii is an aspiring professional tennis player though he is only 10 years old. Here is an instagram link of his son playing tennis  I am really impressed with little Georgii’s tennis skill! 

Everyone understands that in the Ukraine Oleg’s city, country, and lifestyle are destroyed by the war and their livelihood taken away.  It may seem hard for us to relate to the thousands of Ukrainian people who are displaced but Oleg’s story of his family and his son Gerogii who plays tennis touched a heart string for me.  In this very simple way perhaps together we can help one family that has been devastated by this national crisis and make a small difference in the lives of people just like us. 

Oleg Studied at ДонНТУ (бывш. ДонГТУ, ДПИ).  He is an avid tennis player and coach who taught his son to play as well. 

I interviewed Oleg about his family and his situation as part of our fact finding mission.  Please watch that video here on our YouTube channel to get to know Oleg and his family. 


Oleg reached out to me and told me about a way we can help him and his family.  There is a special program here in the US called United For Ukraine  where a citizen or organization of the United States can apply to this special program and invite a person or family from Ukraine to receive entry into the US.  The US government will give permission to enter the US after some thorough vetting and assurances.   You can visit the official website above to read all about it.


We thought it might be a beautiful use of our time to grant Oleg’s wish and sponsor Oleg and his family to escape war and come to America.  He hopes to bring his son to a state where he can study professional tennis like FL or CA.   The website insists that the hosting person or party ensures that the immigrating people will not be an immediate burden to the new local so with that in mind, we hope to raise $5000 for the family to use for relocation.


We might not be able to physically protect Ukrainians from the dangers or war but helping a tennis family relocate seems very doable.  I try to image myself in Oleg’s shoes and his desire to protect his family and provide for their future.   I am sure it’s hard for him to see a future and feel hope in the midst of war. 


Please consider being one of the sponsors who rescues this family from their bombed city in the Ukraine by donating a tax deductible donation to our non profit.   I will start the process of sponsorship for his family and would love your partnership in providing security for them when they arrive. 


LoveSetMatch is a 501c3 organization that you can Zelle your donation directly using our email address

Zelle is the best way to donate as there is no processing fee taken with your donation.
You can also donate online via Facebook or Paypal (at 2.9% fee) using a credit card if that is easier for you.  

Your support of Oleg’s Family will be truly appreciated as we change their world together!


Calling all Ukrainian Tennis Friends:

If you know anyone who is Ukrainian and plays tennis please forward/share this story to them.  I am hoping our tennis community can come together to create a miracle in spite of the war, killing, and bloodshed that is happening there now.

I found this information about the state of tennis in the UKraine currently :


The Ukrainian Tennis Federation (UTF) 

The Ukrainian Tennis Federation (UTF) is currently in a state of flux due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The UTF’s headquarters in Kiev has been damaged by shelling, and many of its staff members have been displaced. The UTF has also been forced to cancel or postpone a number of its tournaments and programs.

Despite these challenges, the UTF is committed to continuing to promote tennis in Ukraine. The UTF has relocated its headquarters to Lviv, and it is working to resume its operations as soon as possible. The UTF is also working to provide support to Ukrainian tennis players who have been affected by the war.

The UTF is grateful for the support of the international tennis community during this difficult time. The UTF is confident that, together, the tennis world can help Ukraine rebuild its tennis infrastructure and support its tennis players.


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