Fan Favorite Reports Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Stefano Tsitsipas from around the world.

Welcome to TennisPAL Chronicles the podcast to feed your passion for all things tennis!

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Welcome to TennisPAL Chronicles the podcast to feed your passion for all things tennis!  This podcast is sponsored by TennisPAL: TennisPAL for iPhone and Android is an app for anything tennis. It connects you with other players and coaches to chat, schedule playtime, and share moments with. Download the app today at!  

TennisPAL just uploaded a new release with an update to the TennisPAL Broadcast feature.
Now when you do a FindPAL search, you can tap the broadcast icon on the bottom right and write a custom message to broadcast to that list.  You can say “I’ll be playing at the downtown courts until 8 PM tomorrow”.  The broadcast is shown to everyone in your search at the top of the Moments feed for the next 48 hours.  They can easily see your Broadcast and start a chat with some quick replies.  Definitely update your app and try it out.  Let us know how it works for you!

The best aspect of our podcast is our Fan Favorite Reporters who provide their passionate news about their favorite players.  This episode covers the news since the US OPEN and Rome.  It’s especially interesting to hear all the details from these players private lives.  From Catherine, we learn about Rafael Nadal’s exhibition celebrating his Nadal Academy.  Valerie shares about Serena Williams battle with injury and the heartbreak of not achieving another Grand Slam at both the US OPEN and now Roland Garros.  Crystal gives her insights on Tsitsipas and the most dramatic match of the US OPEN loss having match points.  Tanja gives us her passionate report about Novak Djokovic and the end of his winning streak at the US OPEN disqualification.  Listen to Novak share his thoughts on what the ballperson incident disappointment left with him.


TennisPAL Chronicles is a tennis podcast to feed your passion for the game! We are tennis fans that interview tennis professionals and discuss tips, news, and reviews for your tennis obsession. Our global Fan Favorite reports are created by passionate fans who share news about their favorite players. Host Phillip Kim is the Tennis Pro at the historic Langham Huntington in Pasadena as well as the Director of Tennis for the City of Azusa and an avid player and coach.  Visit to download the tennis app everyone is talking about and access the show notes!  Send an email to for more information. Download from iTunes here Thanks for recommending and listening!


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