Tennis Lesson Reviews

I have won 3 leagues!!

PK is an amazing coach and person, and a pleasure to be around on the court.  I am so incredibly happy with the progress that I have made since working together and this is reflected in the results that I have seen in my own game.  I thoroughly enjoy each and every lesson and always feel like I am continuing to improve both my technique and strategy, while actively implementing the work we do in practice during my matchplay.  From the start, I told PK I was willing to put in the time and work, so we would routinely do 3 hour non-stop lessons and he would absolutely push me all the way.  Since we have been working together, I have won 3 leagues and 1 tournament at the 3.5-4.0 level, and it has only been a little over 2 years since I first started playing.

Jordan Hollywood, CA

A comfortable environment on the court

A comfortable environment on the court

I was definitely lost on my journey to even know who or what to look for in a tennis instructor. I got into contact with Phillip and I’m really glad he ended up as my instructor. Not only was he really good at teaching but he created such a comfortable environment on the court. He was really patient with me since I had no prior practice or training in tennis. He was informative and I felt like I picked things up quickly with his way of teaching. All around, Phillip is a delight to learn from and an informative teacher. With how quickly I was able to learn the sport, I really felt like I got everything I paid for and more with his lessons.


He’s also taught me techniques to loosen up

I’ve only taken a few lessons with PK, but immediately after the first one, I could tell that his teaching style is different in a good way from the other coaches I’ve taken lessons from.   His direct, friendly informative approach is very helpful.  His positive reinforcement and passion for the game make me want to push myself to do better.  With an injured left knee, he’s given me an alternative swing option as I change from a one-handed to two-hand backhand. I am more confident now using the two-hand backhand in a game.  He’s also taught me techniques to loosen up 😊.

When he sees me at the court by myself, he would often offer to hit with me.   The drills, mechanics and practice swing motions he has shown me has proven to be effective, especially in my serves.  Prior to taking lessons with PK, I could count in my fingers how many aces I’ve served.  Now, I have aced players who are better than me and I rarely lose my service game.   Several of the people I play with noticed and commended the improvement.  I would highly recommend him as a coach!


He gave me good insights into my game

“Just wanted to give a very positive review for Phillip Kim. I took a tennis lesson from him at 7 am. He moved his other lessons around to accommodate my early morning schedule which I appreciated. He was very professional, courteous, and timely. He gave me good insights into my game and I found him to be highly emotionally intelligent with a good instinct for customer service. I would definitely use his service again. I give him the highest recommendation without reservation”. – Suri


Arcadia High School Student

"We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate Phillip’s coaching of our teenage son.  Phillip did an excellent job of articulating the technical aspects of tennis playing.  What is most remarkable is that Phillip has a passion and deep love for tennis that reflects on his coaching.  He clearly wants to communicate the enjoyment of the game to his students.  It is truly pleasant to learn from and play tennis with Phillip.. ~Kelvin & Karen Parents of a student from Arcadia High School

~Kelvin & Karen Parents of a student from Arcadia High School

Vibrant, positive support system

Coach PK is a vibrant, positive support system for your tennis game. His love for the sport is obvious, as is his dedication to his students and their improvement. PK makes sure you are well warmed-up before the lesson, and always checks to see if there are any physical issues or challenges before even striking one ball. As an older beginner with no cartilage in one knee and torn cartilage in the other, I appreciate that attention to detail. PK really focuses on stroke mechanics and consistency, which has been a huge factor in my going from zero to 3.0, knocking on the door of 3.5 in less than a year.

The group classes in Azusa provides great bang for the buck, with both drills and point play. If he sees you struggling with technique or strategy, PK gives you extra time and attention within the framework of the group lesson. At all times his observations are useful and delivered in an encouraging manner, but he will challenge you when needed. Do yourself a favor and take some lessons with Coach PK. He’s a great guy to have in your corner as you swing away!

Tanya R; USTA League Player Pasadena, CA

90% corrected

90% corrected

“Taking lessons from Phillip has helped me so much. At the first lesson, he asked me what I wanted to work on, and by the end of the lesson, it was 90% corrected. He is very friendly and patient, and totally passionate about tennis. He’s helped me with my consistency, backhand and forehand form, and game strategy. He is always offering tips or positive comments. I’d recommend him to anyone of any level as a tennis teacher. He is a treasure!” 

Kristen Alhambra

Phillip knows Tennis!

I've been playing tennis at the Huntington / Ritz Carlton / Langham Hotel since I was eight years old.  My parents have been members since the 1980s and maintain their membership today.
I've also played tennis across the country, working with pros at some fantastic clubs and courts.
The lesson experience I had with Phillip this week was the best I have ever had, hands down.  The first lesson was a small group, myself, my husband, a beginner and my mom.  He did an exceptional job making sure everyone had a great time, got a good workout, and improved their game.  It was truly fun AND effective.  So much so, I booked another lesson.  My solo lesson today produced strides in. my forehand and serve I thought impossible...Phillip knows Tennis!

Private Huntington Client Pasadena, CA

I was able to see serious results

I was able to see serious results

I’ve taken numerous lessons from PK over the last several months. My results have been much better than I even hoped for. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see their game improve quickly while having lots of fun in the process.

Here are some observations about why I think PK is such a great coach:
For starters, he’s very professional about encouraging warm-ups and stretching, which protects athletes in all sports.

His communication is simple and direct, and his personality, it’s easy-going with a conversational tone. That makes his message easy to follow. He’s also patient and willing to explain something numerous times when needed until it’s clear. When you get something right, he’s quick and consistent with positive feedback, which helps the learning process.

He has effective tactical knowledge of drills that will address individual points of a player’s game. I’ve seen PK work with students at various levels of play and he’s very effective with all of them.  I’ve always gotten the sense that he’s there because he really loves the game, not because it’s a job that he’s expected to do.  He has a very clear vision of the underlying weaknesses in a person’s technique, and how to improve consistency.

After the very first lesson from PK, I was able to see serious results. Before meeting him I had tried to play with a group who hit the ball consistently too fast and accurate for me to stay in the game. The players in this group beat me consistently. By applying what he taught me after only my fourth lesson, I became very competitive within that group. Now I often emerge as one of the stronger players due to playing the consistent approach he has taught me.

Lucas 3.5 player Los Angeles

Watching PK teach his kids is a work of art

Watching PK teach his kids is a work of art

Passion, drive, and a love for the sport that’s what PK has. Watching PK teach his kids is a work of art. He makes it fun and explains things in a way that makes learning it easy and exciting. A while back invited a few of our tennis boys to meet and play with PK. He showed them a few drills and had them play sets with other people on the courts. This not only reignited their love for the game but challenged them to do better. Fast forward to today and the boys are still on their own doing his drills to warm up.  Thanks also for the Podcast, PK!

Steve Hernandez Asst. Coach Duarte High School

His explanations were simple and direct.

I am writing this letter on behalf of my friend and colleague, Phillip Kim.  I have known him in the roles of tennis student, doubles partner and as the founder and director of several tennis family events for which I was happy to volunteer and help publicize.

Phillip has exceled in each role.  As a student, he worked hard to improve and through diligent practice, has made himself an excellent player, doubles partner, and mixed doubles partner.  He has also always maintained his calm, cordial, and friendly demeanor no matter what has occurred on court.  I have also had the opportunity, several times, to observe Phillip’s tennis classes.    I noted especially the fact that his students were having fun and learning while using the drills he introduced.  His explanations were simple and direct.

Lastly, I was able to observe Phillip on several occasions as he directed his staff and the volunteers so that they helped out and yet, still felt included in the fun.  It was not an easy thing to accomplished.  Phillip is an excellent candidate for any tennis position that requires a friendly, calm and knowledgeable individual.

Terri Daniels retired USPTA certified tennis coach

PK is an excellent tennis coach. I hadn’t played tennis consistently for years, but I was looking to get back into it to rally with friends and play casual matches. I was having trouble getting my strokes back, but lessons with PK helped immensely. He suggested tweaks to my technique that made my game even better. The lessons are fun, informative, and a great workout. I would recommend PK to any player looking to improve their tennis

Mike 4.0 player Silverlake Los Angeles, CA

Pure Delight

Pure Delight

Taking lessons with Coach Phillip is a pure delight!  From our first interaction, I knew I chose the right person to guide me through my process of getting back into the tennis "swing" of things!  He is professional, punctual, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to.  Our first lesson was fantastic for a variety of reasons.  I learned so much, due to his gentle, patient and effective teaching style. He was able to explain key concepts to me that I could quickly and easily grasp. My other tennis teachers never communicated like this, and it's so refreshing!  I would highly recommend Coach Phillip if you're looking for someone who works with you for your specific needs. It's not a cookie cutter experience, and I value that immensely. 10 out of 10 stars from me!

Julie Downtown Los Angeles

My daughter never looked forward to her tennis lessons until…

PK is a positive, energetic, patient, kind and generous coach who teaches tennis expertly while making it fun. My 13 year old daughter has been taking lessons from PK for a few months and she cannot wait until LA County pandemic restrictions loosen so that she can start up lessons again. We came to know PK from my daughter's best friend who also takes lessons from him.  PK knows how to engage with each student to make the lesson helpful but also fun at the same time.  You never get the feeling that he is just there doing a job and that you are just another pupil he teaches.  It's very apparent that he loves teaching tennis and that he really cares about his students.  His love for the game is infectious. We have had other coaches in the past and PK is by far the best.  My daughter never looked forward to her tennis lessons until she met PK. We are so blessed that we were connected to him by our friend. You will not regret signing up for lessons with him, but only that you didn't do it sooner!

Yoo-Mee Monrovia, CA

Positive & Motivating

"You will not find a more positive, motivating tennis instructor than Coach PK! “

~ Jackie Smash, Los Angeles Tennis Group Meetup Lead Organizer

the most productive and eye-opening session

As a late learner of tennis, for the last two decades, I’ve taken a winding path towards improvement. From countless hours of YouTube videos and “secret sauce” paid-for content premium content by the most famous (FYB, Tennis Evolution, Essential Tennis, Top Speed Tennis, Top Tennis Training, etc..) to group and private lessons up and down Southern California, I’ve tried many and spent thousands. By a country mile, a one-hour session with Phillip Kim was the most productive and eye-opening session I’ve even had.

Phillip is passionate about tennis, is a treasure trove of knowledge gained through decades of his own journey, and deeply cares about imparting the distillation of his insights to his students. A session with Phillip is remarkable because he listens, observes, and tests, and then on the fly designs a lesson tailored to that individual student. I realize this may sounds like what a coach would normally do, but they don’t, not like Phillip. Trust me, take an hour of private lesson with Phillip, and you’ll know what I mean. I am proud to call Phillip Kim my coach and friend, and wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation.

Jake C Los Angeles, CA

it was clear he already knew what I needed to work on…

it was clear he already knew what I needed to work on…

I am a 4.0 USTA player based in NorCal. I took a couple lessons with Coach PK while I was visiting LA for the week. After just 10-15 minutes of assessing and hitting with me, it was clear he already knew what I needed to work on. We spent the next 2 hours working on footwork drills and making clean contact. While I have had coaches in the past, his ideas were unique and highly complementary to what I had learned before. After the lessons, I feel like I'm moving more efficiently and swinging more freely, which should help me get to the next USTA level. I'm very excited to see where these tips take me!

Robert L.

High-level understanding of the game…

“Coach PK has a high-level understanding of the game and a depth of knowledge that he’s able to teach with. As a tennis player with prior experience, he’s been able to improve my game by executing specific drills and teaching strategies. He’s been able to help me gain more focus and consistency on my strengths and weaknesses. It’s clear Coach PK has a passion for the sport which makes it that much more enjoyable to work with him. He’s an advocate for his community which reflects in his positive attitude when teaching.  I'm very grateful to have been taught by him, I highly recommend getting tennis lessons by Coach PK!”

Sean L

“I’ve tried a few coaches in SoCal…

“I’ve tried a few coaches in SoCal…

"I've tried a few coaches in SoCal, but Coach PK is in a league of his own. His extensive knowledge and decades of experience allows him to teach players at various levels. As a new player, he pushed me to build a solid skill foundational while constantly reminding me to have fun. After just a few months I am able to rally like I've been playing for years. I recommend PK to anyone who wants to learn to play tennis!"

Josh B.

a STEAM based learning approach…

a STEAM based learning approach…

Coach PK really knows how to engage his students in learning how to play tennis. He uses a STEAM based learning approach so that my daughter not only could hit the ball, but learned the science behind the sport which makes learning more interesting! Highly recommend Coach PK to anyone at any level!

John & Jennifer H.

I was able to learn fundamentals…

I was able to learn fundamentals…

Coack PK was really friendly and enthusiastic about the sport. With him I was able to learn fundamentals that I've missed before and he identified and targeted the flaws in my hitting which was what I really wanted to improve on. I would definitely work with him again!

Juan C.

Makes the Lesson Fun…

It's my pleasure to recommend Coach Phillip. My son thoroughly enjoys being coached by Phillip for the past year. Phillip makes the lessons fun! Phillip has an impeccable work ethic and leads by example by being prompt, prepared and always has a positive and encouraging attitude each day/lesson. Phillip has a great respect for the game of tennis as well as great respect for all people. He also has great attitude to match!! All of the above is a testament to what an exceptional Tennis Coach/ person he is!! - Joan J Pasadena , ca

Joan J.

strongly recommend him!

strongly recommend him!

I took group tennis classes with Phillip Kim for over a year in Azusa, CA.  His classes were just the right balance of thoughtful instruction and skill-building drills and play.  Both experienced and beginner players gravitate to him because he understands exactly where each player is in their development and adjusts his teaching to improve their individual technique.  Phillip is extremely welcoming and works to build a community among all players.  He’s also an excellent tennis player himself, and that’s always inspiring. Wherever Phillip Kim is teaching he will certainly gain a following of enthusiastic and devoted students.  I strongly recommend him as a tennis instructor.

Tucker C.

my tennis game has improved significantly!

my tennis game has improved significantly!

Since taking lessons with Coach PK, my tennis game has improved significantly.
He keeps his group classes very fun and active, and keeps everyone moving! Although it’s a group setting, he runs his class in a way that everyone gets individual pointers to improve their skills.
He clearly loves tennis and his joy comes across in how he teaches his students.


instruction is marked by clarity, kindness, and patience

So glad that we met Coach Phillip! He is one-of-a-kind! My kids have both started tennis as a beginner and both have made wonderful progress in a reasonably short time under Phillip's coaching. And he is no drill sergeant either! His instruction is marked by clarity, kindness, and patience. The tennis games are fun! As I sat through most of Coach PK's sessions, I'm impressed by how he supports his students by breaking the learning up into chunks and providing a concrete structure for each--what is called scaffolding in education. Coach PK's keen diagnostic skills dissect your weaknesses so they can be addressed separately--usually through a fun game. After over a year of working together, I learned firsthand that all you have to do to fix a problem is to follow his strategies. He takes all the guess work out of tennis.  It is no wonder that learners of ages have seen results from Coach PK's instructions!

Amy C.

PK is the best coach no matter what level!

PK is the best coach no matter what level! As someone who had a decent understanding of tennis and the fundamentals, I was in search of someone who could celebrate my foundation but also correct and coach me to excellence. The amount of time I've spent compared to the quick results is simply amazing. PK is always available and in your corner. He's a fantastic teacher which makes him an even better coach. He's gentle yet consistent. He's creative in the ways he deliverers feedback and makes sure you feel supported. No matter where you are in your tennis journey, give him a try. It'll be worth it, I promise!

Bernard L.


Langham Huntington Hotel Letter of Reference To Whom It May Concern:

It is my honor to recommend Phillip Kim.  I have had the pleasure to know and work with Phillip for the past year.  Phillip’s skills and marketing qualities would make him an invaluable addition to your company.

In addition to his professional qualifications, Phillip has personal qualities that make him well suited to assist others.  He has naturally fallen into a role of a leader for our tennis.  He is not afraid to take risks and is committed to quality, growth, progress, all while inspiring those around him to strive for the same.  He is a person with vision, passion, compassion, and drive.

I am excited to see the directions of which he will continue to grow. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.  Thank you very much for your time.


Holly Edgin
Director of Spa and Business Development
The Langham Hotel


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