Vibrant, positive support system

January 6, 2021
Tanya R; USTA League Player
Vibrant, positive support system

Coach PK is a vibrant, positive support system for your tennis game. His love for the sport is obvious, as is his dedication to his students and their improvement. PK makes sure you are well warmed-up before the lesson, and always checks to see if there are any physical issues or challenges before even striking one ball. As an older beginner with no cartilage in one knee and torn cartilage in the other, I appreciate that attention to detail. PK really focuses on stroke mechanics and consistency, which has been a huge factor in my going from zero to 3.0, knocking on the door of 3.5 in less than a year.

The group classes in Azusa provides great bang for the buck, with both drills and point play. If he sees you struggling with technique or strategy, PK gives you extra time and attention within the framework of the group lesson. At all times his observations are useful and delivered in an encouraging manner, but he will challenge you when needed. Do yourself a favor and take some lessons with Coach PK. 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