My daughter never looked forward to her tennis lessons until…

February 1, 2021
My daughter never looked forward to her tennis lessons until…

PK is a positive, energetic, patient, kind and generous coach who teaches tennis expertly while making it fun. My 13 year old daughter has been taking lessons from PK for a few months and she cannot wait until LA County pandemic restrictions loosen so that she can start up lessons again. We came to know PK from my daughter’s best friend who also takes lessons from him.  PK knows how to engage with each student to make the lesson helpful but also fun at the same time.  You never get the feeling that he is just there doing a job and that you are just another pupil he teaches.  It’s very apparent that he loves teaching tennis and that he really cares about his students.  His love for the game is infectious. We have had other coaches in the past and PK is by far the best.  My daughter never looked forward to her tennis lessons until she met PK. We are so blessed that we were connected to him by our friend. 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