I was able to see serious results

January 27, 2021
I was able to see serious results

I’ve taken numerous lessons from PK over the last several months. My results have been much better than I even hoped for. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see their game improve quickly while having lots of fun in the process.

Here are some observations about why I think PK is such a great coach:
For starters, he’s very professional about encouraging warm-ups and stretching, which protects athletes in all sports.

His communication is simple and direct, and his personality, it’s easy-going with a conversational tone. That makes his message easy to follow. He’s also patient and willing to explain something numerous times when needed until it’s clear. When you get something right, he’s quick and consistent with positive feedback, which helps the learning process.

He has effective tactical knowledge of drills that will address individual points of a player’s game. I’ve seen PK work with students at various levels of play and he’s very effective with all of them.  I’ve always gotten the sense that he’s there because he really loves the game, not because it’s a job that he’s expected to do.  He has a very clear vision of the underlying weaknesses in a person’s technique, and how to improve consistency.

After the very first lesson from PK, I was able to see serious results. Before meeting him I had tried to play with a group who hit the ball consistently too fast and accurate for me to stay in the game. The players in this group beat me consistently. By applying what he taught me after only my fourth lesson, I became very competitive within that group. Now I often emerge as one of the stronger players due to playing the consistent approach he has taught me.

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