He’s also taught me techniques to loosen up

January 5, 2021
He’s also taught me techniques to loosen up

I’ve only taken a few lessons with PK, but immediately after the first one, I could tell that his teaching style is different in a good way from the other coaches I’ve taken lessons from.   His direct, friendly informative approach is very helpful.  His positive reinforcement and passion for the game make me want to push myself to do better.  With an injured left knee, he’s given me an alternative swing option as I change from a one-handed to two-hand backhand. I am more confident now using the two-hand backhand in a game.  He’s also taught me techniques to loosen up 😊.

When he sees me at the court by myself, he would often offer to hit with me.   The drills, mechanics and practice swing motions he has shown me has proven to be effective, especially in my serves.  Prior to taking lessons with PK, I could count in my fingers how many aces I’ve served.  Now, I have aced players who are better than me and I rarely lose my service game.   Several of the people I play with noticed and commended the improvement.  I would highly recommend him as a coach!

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