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This 157 page ebook features 22 yoga poses with all the modified variations specifically designed for tennis players to improve their fitness and become match ready.  Bonus 15 minute Yoga for Tennis Court WarmUP Guide included!  Created by Certified Yoga Instructor Marcia Gray and Tennis Professional Phillip Kim, this book is laser-focused on getting you into yoga as a secondary discipline to raise the level of your game play and increase your whole body fitness.  Cross-training yoga and tennis will give your body the gift of better flexibility, stability, and mobility.  While the book has tennis-specific instructions, the book is a great guide for anyone seeking to learn the 22 yoga poses and their modifications.  Applying Yoga to your life will dramatically increase your flexibility, strength, and mental calm.  

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Tennis and Yoga are the perfect combination to prevent injuries and continue an active lifestyle through the years. With age,  players may start to notice their abilities and game decline. Players often become plagued by the inability to move due to injured body parts or have to stop playing tennis altogether. Yoga is the answer. 

Tennis professionals Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova are just a few who are dedicated to this Yoga discipline improving their game. 

Whether you are new to yoga or already a practitioner, it’s never too late to start. You will be giving your body the gift of better flexibility, stability and mobility.

The only thing needed in yoga is a curiosity and willingness to try.

Let’s get started toward a lifetime of playing tennis in a more open and capable body and feeling great on the court!  Download immediately upon purchase!


1 review for Yoga for Tennis Book

  1. LoveSetMatch

    As a Yoga for Tennis teacher myself, I am all for tennis players incorporating yoga into their mind/body routines not just for the improvement of their games but also for their quality of life! I appreciate the enthusiasm that Marcia and Phillip bring in their presentation of Yoga for Tennis, as its evident how much they love the game through the thoughtful presentation of these postures in a number of ways. I love that an on-court warm up is included in the use of bands, as I’ve also found that helpful for myself and most pros in our sport would definitely be on board with that, along with the increasing number of pros who are incorporating yoga into their practice these days. This book offers a variety of poses as you explore the ones that call to you on any given day. I appreciate the modifications that are offered in this book, and there really is a little something for everyone, offering a customizable approach to the practice of yoga depending on the practitioner’s needs. Thank you Marcia and Phillip for encouraging tennis players to practice yoga—I’m all for it and think players will discover the benefit once they try out the strategies you’ve laid out for them for themselves!
    ~Margit Bannon
    USPTA tennis pro & Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, Yoga for Tennis teacher

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