1.  practice live points under pressure to teach yourself to how to deal with the stress of the game
  2.  great cardio work out and playing under cardio stress
  3.  practice different positions on court (net, no mans land, baseline, redzone) to build winning repetitions
  4.  learn your true match level
  5.  play with a variety of players styles and strengths
  6.  build community among players and make new tennis friends
  7.  get coaching advice while playing live (not just theoretical)



Similar to Live Ball, an instructor or tennis pro feeds the ball, quickening the pace. … The next ball is already in play.” Up to seven players can be on the court, rotating into a game of two on two. The so-called champions side is often called the hot seat, because those players don’t get a break.  Here is a video explaining the concept 

I have found that live match ball play is one of the areas in which most players don’t get enough practice.  We rally forever with friends but don’t have objectives in mind to know what to do in a game under pressure.

This Hotshots experience will deliver the anxiety of match play with the ability to practice in repetition so you know what you can and can not do in the heat of the moment.  The difference from traditional liveball is I will position different players on the court in different areas to practice their game and get the match repetition you specifically need.  It is high paced and a great cardio workout but focusing on areas of your game you want to improve with live coaching.

I will hand pick players, most who are my tennis students to play. Knowing them enables me to assure they are similar levels so the challenge is manageable but still demanding.  I also only choose players who have a great attitude, ready to learn, and gracious.  Sure we all love to win and hate to loose but no one wants to play with psychos!



I am hosting the class in Monterey Park, CA at the same courts where I teach.  I am hoping this will eventually become a city sponsored class once they begin to offer Recreation classes to the public.  Think of this as a precursor to the City class.  DM me for exact location if you don’t already know.



One Hour Hotshot Sessions will happen every Wednesday at 6pm for one hour.  The cost is monthly: $100 or $125 ( $25 for 4 or 5 weeks depending on the month) paid in advance on the 1st of the month which guarantees your spot.  There will be a limit to players on court so those who reserve first are assured a place.  Invited drop ins are available at $35 per session.  The drop in price is much higher to discourage people from being last minute and encourage everyone to make the commitment to work on their game with us.  Our 48 hour cancellation policy applies**.


To reserve your HOTSHOTS place, ZELLE to to send the monthly fee.  Once received we will respond to you with confirmation.

Strike, Facebook, Paypal are also secondary options if Zelle is not available.  Email us if you have any questions.  Cash and check is only accepted in prepayment and not on the day of the lesson.  Please refer to our Donate Page to access other options.

* 48-hour cancellation policy applies to any last-minute changes.  Lessons are be paid for in advance and only lessons reserved via payment at least 48 hours to the lesson date are guaranteed.


I truly believe this practice session will improve your win ratio and help you improve your ability to handle the stress of competition.  Our promise is to make it as fun as possible, give you a great workout, and make sure you are doing it with gracious people like yourself!  Join Me!  To be considered the invitation list, send me a message


** 48-hour cancelation policy: Your appointment is very important to us and it is reserved especially for you. We realize that there can be some unexpected things that can come up in our lives. While truly sympathetic.  When a client cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another client from being coached during that time. In fairness to all clients as well as to the coach, this policy is in effect regardless of the reason for the cancellation. LoveSetMatch Tennis has a minimum of 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy.

If an appointment is missed, canceled, or changed with less than 48 hours notice of the Lesson time, the client will be charged 100% of the lesson charge.  Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to reschedule a lesson time with only 48 hours notice so sadly that income would be lost.  We truly appreciate your support of our livelihood in honoring your commitment to a lesson or supporting us when you can not.  All sessions are paid for in advance and only lessons reserved via payment at least 48 hours before the lesson date are guaranteed reserved.  Thanks so much for understanding and honoring this policy.