Yoga for Tennis Accessories Guide

Welcome to Yoga for Tennis players!

Here is a companion post to our new Yoga for Tennis book which is available now.  If you aren’t incorporating Yoga in your tennis training you are really missing out.  Tennis professionals Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova are just a few who are dedicated to this Yoga discipline improving their game.  You should too.  Check out our new ebook Yoga For Tennis!

 As a long-time fitness professional and yoga instructor, I know firsthand the importance of keeping your body healthy, injury-free.  As a long time tennis player, I know that practicing yoga has enabled me to stay agile and sharp, and more dynamic on the court.

Tennis professionals Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova are just a few who are dedicated to this discipline. 

Tennis and Yoga are the perfect marriage to prevent injuries and continue to play through the years. As we age,  players start to notice their abilities and game may start to decline, become plagued by the inability to move due to injured body parts or have to stop playing tennis altogether. Yoga is the answer to help with all of that.

Whether you are new to yoga or already a practitioner, it’s never too late to start. You will be giving your body the gift of better flexibility, stability and mobility.

The only thing needed in yoga is a curiosity and willingness to try.

Let’s get started toward a lifetime of playing tennis in a more open and capable body, and feeling great on the court!


Marcia Gray

Yoga for Tennis Accessories Guide

Here is a list of recommended Yoga products to use while training.  Click on the image to go to Amazon to purchase.

Let me start by saying If I could narrow down just one accessory must-have for tennis, it would be the yoga strap.

Yoga Strap

Excellent for lengthening tight hamstrings and opening up the shoulder girdle and hips. Also enables you to safely deepen or progress the pose. The strap gives you immediate feedback on muscle imbalances and decreased range of motion in the body.

YOGA Wheel
Creates space in the spine to increase flexibility, relieve pain, and restriction in your back. Excellent counter stretch for all the daily hunching over our phones.

Foam Roller
Acts as a simple self massager for your back. Loosens tight soft tissue and improves blood flow. All of which stimulate muscles for optimal recovery and performance.

Light Dumbell Weights
When we hold weights in an exercise, we are synthetically loading the body. We are stressing the body by adding on extra dumbbells. With this extra weight, it will require you to be more mindful of your breathing just like in tennis and will help increase strength and muscle tone. Excellent for an extra core challenge, and necessary for women after 40 for bone health.

Resistance Band w Handles
This band is great to use to create equal muscle balance and strength, especially to your non-dominant arm. When using on upper body,  this band recruits stabilizer muscles  to help lift and lower. Serves, overheads, and volleys need a solid foundation to execute with ease. Plus, its inexpensive and easy to toss in your bag.

Figure 8 Resistance Band
The split step is essential in tennis, as are quick lateral moves to hit your shot. With regular use and enough resistance, you build inner and outer muscle endurance.  Legs are prone to pulled muscles and this band use will strengthen and tone to reduce that risk.

Protective Knee Pad
Beneficial to help minimize knee pain or impact. Allows more comfort and accessibility for getting into a pose.

Yoga Mat (Non-Cork)
Rubber yoga mats come in various thickness to provide more comfort if needed to cushion joints while practicing. (Generally 1.5 mm-5 mm thickness varieties)They are heavier than cork, but are slip resistant, easy to clean, and excellent for hot climates, or a hot yoga class.

Yoga Cork Mat
Cork yoga mats are great for travel since they are so lightweight and super portable. (So lightweight that a gust of wind will blow them away off the court) The bottom grip will adapt to most surfaces for great stability, plus its antimicrobial.

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