What do you want in life?


Desires means that no one and nothing will prevent you from doing what is necessary to reach your goals. Players with sincere desire do not look at making time to practice as a sacrifice. Anyone can say he “wants to be the best tennis player in the world”, but only a few will pay the price that this requieres. Those who has become the best in anything they didnt get there by making time or avoiding the work hard that they knew this will take. To be a truly champion you need to make serious sacrifices to pursuit their dream.


Since I started to play tennis, it was nothing but an activity for me, it challenged me? it DID. And I guess I fall in love of that because I continue playing tennis, my dad was my coach and it was actually even harder for me because he push me harder than  any other player on the court. I had like 6 months playing and I decided to play a tournament, like you all might think yes I lost, 6-0 6-0 I think almost everyone had lost like that, except my dad, he got in his firts tournament and guess what he WON.


Anyway, I had a year not so well I mean I was getting better and everything  but keep losing and losing, all the year was like that… Then I saw the final o the US Open where Del potro won to Federer, I was sad because I love Federer (forever and always) but I got something from that, I watch Del Potro crying and everything that made me wanted to do that, win a a Grand slam I imagined all the matches that he had to play to get there and that actually cheer me up!


I keep practicing and playing and most of the players though that I was just fooling around, but it was more than that it was part of a HUGE dream that I had set on my mind and I decided to go for it, besides of having nothing, I mean nothing as ranking or friends… and well money was a little bit part there, I didnt have too much to travel to see if I win a match or something.


So people start wondering why I continue, and I continue because this has overpowered me, established itself within me, and become a big part of me, it made me who I am. I has taught me patience showing me which shots are consistently to be returned and which are to be put away with fatal precision. On the court of life, it has taught me that good things come to those work their asses off.


When the time come to decided what am I going to study as a profession, I couldnt come up with anything, tennis was the only thing in my mind, I´m from Venezuela and going to a university meant to quit tennis, I still had my dream and was willing to do anything to keep it alive.


I decided to see if I got lucky with college tennis, that was in fact my most reasonable choice, because playing pro wanst more like a choice… Thats when everything begun… since the moment I decided for real that I was going to do it, I had lots of thing to deal with…


Now finally two years after I made that choice I´m going to accomplish this small goal, I call it small because my huge dream, the reason why Im doing this is way more bigger than that…


I has been really fun but stressfull… I´m going to keep posting more and more of how I got it and why I´m doing it.


Hope you like it, and excuse me if I write something wrong… I´m still learning but I´ll appreciate any good critic!


Venezuelan Tennis Player