Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid Tennis Racquet Review

The DNX 10 midsize racquet is an advanced players racquet which focuses on control and feel while protecting the tennis elbow from vibration. With a stiffness rating of 58 it meets our criteria of arm friendly in a professional package. The excellent stability of the smaller head size (93 square inches / 600 square centimeters) creates consistency for players with advanced swings from all areas of the court. The strung weight of 12 ounces / 340 grams gives plenty of weight to create velocity on its own and lend to plow through power. Flexible racquets tend to lack power compared to stiff racquets and this one is no exception, however the combined weight and seven points head light design allow a 4.0+ player to create their own energy through technique. The composition of the racquet includes High Modulus Graphite with DNX Technology in combination with Fiberglass to create a flexible but solid racquet. The Volkl sensor tour handle system is advertised as reducing frame vibration by 15 percent to cut down on unwanted shock in the elbow and arm.


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