VIDEO : Watch my new Tennis Show on Tennisopolis TV!

LoveSetMatch Show
Kelsey Bohlen smiling her way into our hearts 🙂


I am so excited to finally launch our new tennis show LoveSetMatch on Tennisopolis TV.  My hope is that the show will connect with people worldwide and share with them how awesome Tennis is in a fun and funny way.  Not just news or scores or teaching techniques, but something anyone could watch whether they love tennis or not!

The Idea of the show came out of my new passionate obsession with Tennis and then finding thousands of other crazy fans like myself all over the world.  I met many of them through Twitter @sourcesyndicate but also found a lot of new friends on the many new tennis websites like tennis round, play tennis, meetup, craigslist, and especially Tennisopolis which i think is the best Tennis website and is free!

I reached out to the founder of Tennisopolis “Mark the Mayor” as he is called and discovered he is an architect by trade and runs Tennisopolis for the love of the game.  This made me like him even more!!  He and I hit it off and we soon partnered on the idea of creating a new video show that would share our passion!

Our fun and beautiful host Kelsey Bohlen and I have been cooking up some great show ideas but we would also love your input and involvement.  I really think of this as a community based show.  I want to tell your tennis story – the Roger Federer in you!

Hope you guys love it!  Please subscribe to our youtube channel to find out when a new show is uploaded at and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

If you would do us the great honor of sharing our show on your facebook and twitter – we will love you for life!!


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