VIDEO Roger Federer discusses new racquet


After his first match against Daniel Brands where he beat the hometown hero on his 26th birthday, Federer talked about his new racquet and the process in which it came about.

“I’m pleased how it’s playing. I kind of knew it from practice, so it wasn’t like just jumping into the water, but I’m very happy that under match conditions I was feeling comfortable with it. I’m satisfied.” said Roger

“I’ve been very close on numerous occasions to change racquets in a bigger way. But then very often, time was the issue. Maybe also just the records of Grand Slams – I was always keeping on playing quarters and semis – so then it was also a bit more difficult to change it because of the time.

“This time around, all of a sudden I just had the extra 10 days, two weeks I was looking for, and I really was very serious about it. Wilson flew to Switzerland and we went through the whole process and I was very happy how things went over there.” said Federer.

to add humor to this big change – a twitter account has been set up called @FedsNewRacquet which has posted fun comments like

Once you 98″ you never go back 😉 #exciting #Team98

iamkringlozano  posted “I am now being followed by @FedsNewRacquet. Can’t wait to be smashed, served, and volleyed by a big head. I like it rough.”

witty banter indeed! Would be genius if it was set up by Wilson themselves?? Perhaps another @PseudoFed account?  Let us know what your guess is in the comments below!


UPDATE PseudoFed has released this picture of “himself” playing with the new racquet


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