VIDEO Federer Falls On Back But Makes Shot – Halle 2015

Today’s match against Kohls was a nail bitter with all the ups and downs of a first round match might bring on with a new surface. Both players were slipping and slidding on what seemed an especially wet service today with the sun peaking in parts and drying the service while the shade keeping things damp and slippery when wet. Federer seemed the worse of the two with 4 bad falls today which has to be some kind of record for the Maestro who seems to be the most sure footed player of all time. He struggled and made amazing shots even in light of the damp grass.

It was Federer’s maiden voyage on grass for 2015 and he breathed a huge sigh of relief in the post match interview

I thought it was funny that the interview described this match as winning ugly and Roger just glossed over the comment. Very savy! Federer did serve clutch at least 4 times saving himself from break points down and  Kohlschreiber  played some inspired tennis in moments that mattered. Here’s hoping for a better second round.


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