The Grass is greener for Roger Federer

It’s nearly mid-June and Roger Federer is still without a title in 2013.  It is without a doubt the better half of the year for @rogerfederer as he moves to his beloved surface of grass.  It all starts in Halle.

“Halle is one of my favorite places on the tour, and being successful there makes it even more likable,” said Federer “Paris has little to do with Halle or Wimbledon, but looking back I am really disappointed with my match against Tsonga,” Federer said. “There are days like that, but fortunately there haven’t been so many in my career, and I hope there won’t be that many to come.” “I didn’t really expect to necessarily win a lot of titles, and I thought I played well in Rome and Paris, until the match with Tsonga,”  “I know some people say I only care about how I play and not about the result. I mean, I care more about the result than how I played, to be honest, because it gives me another opportunity to play well in the next match.

“I didn’t do that, so I’m sent packing home. Which is okay. It’s easier when you change surface. That definitely helps. “This is obviously a crushing loss and I’m disappointed about it, but now I look forward to other things. I love the grass-court season.

“Especially as it’s been 10 years since my first Wimbledon victory. So I’m looking forward to coming back to Halle and Wimbledon, where I did the double 10 years ago. I’m sure it’s going to be a nice swing.”

“I now feel that the best time for me is still to come in the second half of the year. It’s a very important phase of the year, leading to Wimbledon and the North American swing with the U.S. Open,” Federer said.

“To win here (in Halle) would be a good buildup for Wimbledon,” he said.

Federer also played doubles, teaming with German veteran Tommy Haas, who beat him in last year’s Halle final. Federer hasn’t played doubles for two years. “I’ve seldom played doubles on the tour. There is always that threat of injury; it just wasn’t as much fun. But now I am in the mood to play some doubles, change it up a little. Hopefully, it may even help me in the singles,” Federer said. Unfortunately they were beat out in the first round in a close match by the german veteran doubles team J. Melzer / P. Petzschner

“It was the first time we ever played together. We are two dinosaurs,” joked Federer. “We’re hanging in there. It was good fun and I thank him for playing. Unfortunately it ended in the first round but I was happy to play with Tommy.”

31-year-old Roger Federer will face opening round match against either Cedrik-Marcel Stebe or qualifier Jimmy Wang on Tuesday, where he is likely to face Jerzy Janowicz and semi final collision against Tommy Haas.  Here’s hoping Roger Federer can shine his brightest on greener pastures!


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