The 8 Concepts To Great Tennis

Far too often many tennis players spend an extraordinary amount of time playing, practicing and training. Yet, there is minimal or no improvement. Tennis is a fickle game. It’s easy to pick up, become entrenched and fall in love with the game but it’s difficult to progress and master. The development and improvement in tennis will be improbable if you have the wrong mentality or do not grasp the underlying concepts about what it takes to win. There is a certain mental approach to every practice and every match that great tennis players carry with them. This is one reason why they are great. They have a complete mental and tactical understanding of what it takes to win matches. Even on their worst days, great tennis players can find the way to win because they never forget these concepts.

These 8 Concepts are learned from a lifetime of experience in tennis. Playing, coaching, observing at every single level of the game. Having the experience of using a full range of tactics, of playing against them, of watching and feeling them change, evolve, ebb, and flow in individual matches and over the course of many matches, when you know all this intimately, because it is all a part of you, physically and emotionally, then truly you have become a tennis player!

Below are concepts that I have kept simple. No further explanation needed. Read, study, learn and master these concepts and I can assure you your game will go to the next level.

8 Must-Have Concepts For Every Tennis Player Wanting To Improve Their Game

1. Have at least two weapons, usually the serve and the forehand.

2. Learn to hate your unforced errors.

3. Know your own game as well as you know your opponent’s.

4. At any point in a match be able to answer this question – who is doing what to whom?

5. Be busy like a bee collecting points! Almost all matches are won by the player who wins the most points.

6. If you take care of the process the outcome will take care of itself.

7. Give your best effort at all times.

8. Respect to yourself, your opponent and the game of tennis

Good luck and I look forward to your progress.


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