Tennisopolis – a place to find #tennis partners

I had a great conversation with Mark Baker, the owner of Tennisopolis today and realized it was high time for me to write a review of the Tennisopolis website which I am active on.  Tennisopolis bills itself as the worlds largest tennis social network and is a great place to find people in your area to hit with.  I have been one of the 47,000+ members for the last 3 years or so and have developed lasting friendships and tennis connections in my local area.  Once you become a member (which is free) there is a great search function that allows you to look in your specific city or community and see if any of the members are geographically close to you.  Personally, I have developed over 30 tennis partners and friends via Tennisopolis and now even host a tennis group in my community.

As far as I can see, there is no downside to Tennisopolis.  It’s Free! It’s a great place to find people.  People’s profile suggest their ranking and level of play so you can find someone in the same performance bracket.  The owner Mark is a avid player, coach, fan, and tennis lover.  We share a lot of things in common and he considers this site a labor of love. He is an architect by day and tennis promoter and family man by night so it’s really not a spammy health and fitness kind of place, thank God!  There is a cool chat room where people are constantly taking racquet tech, ATP WTA players, sharing videos, etc.  I have even been able to access it via iphone when looking up the location of a meetup with someone.

If you are looking for more people to hit with near you or just looking for new friends with the same affinity for tennis, give Tennisopolis a spin. I highly recommend it!


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