Tennis Lessons Update

HI guys!  First let me say Thanks so much for supporting me, Coach PK, Coach Liz, Coach Grace, and all our tennis programs.  We are proud to have been a part of growing the game of tennis and have seen an explosion of interest in lessons throughout 2020 to the present.  During the covid pandemic, I lowered my teaching rates to $60 an hour to make tennis more accessible to those who were struggling financially during the crisis and as a way to tell our friends we are still open for business. Many people have told me my rate is substantially lower than most other coaches in the area.  I also heard many players were amazed at how quickly they improved working with me and wondered why other coaches didn’t teach like I did.   I want to personally thank every person who took a chance on tennis lessons with us during that stressful time.  I honestly was not sure where the future was leading with the closure of the Langham Huntington Hotel and the Azusa Parks and Recreation program.

Now that Southern California is reopening and my teaching pro position at the Langham Huntington Hotel is restored, I am excited for all of us to resume our daily lives in some sense of normalcy. In an effort to keep up with the changes, I feel this is the right time to decrease my private lesson load and return back to my private lesson rate of $80 an hour starting July 1st for all new clients.  All the new private and semi-private rates are live on my coaching page here.

As a way of saying thank you to everyone who supported me and the team in 2020, I am offering a one month extension of our pandemic lesson rate of $60 through the month of July 2021 for continuing clients.  I can’t tell you how much I truly appreciate your support and I hope the discount helped in some small way through a very chaotic time.

I understand that not everyone can afford to make the jump with me back to our normal rate so I am working on some affordable options.  I also hope we can have more shared lessons with friends that can reduce the costs for all involved.

LoveSetMatch Coaches:

Coach Liz teaching out of Duarte is continuing at the $60 an hour rate and I hope to have a new coach join me in Monterey Park soon.  I am still waiting on news from the city of Azusa when the parks and recreation classes will start again and that is one of the best tennis deals in Southern California.

Coach Paul is now onboad and helping me with some of my lessons requests in the SGV area for $60 an hour.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the rate change, please reach out to me.  I truly value your friendship and all the great times we have had together on court.  I hope we can continue to find time to enjoy tennis together.   I will be contacting you soon about lessons and look forward to answering any questions you have.


So grateful!

Coach PK
Team Leader
LoveSetMatch Tennis


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