Tennis Legend Rosie Casals featured on KESQ News with Angela Chen

Former Hall of Famer Rosie Casals and Woodhaven Country Club are teaming up to get children outdoors to play tennis during a new summer camp.

The camp gives children from ages 4-years-old to 17-years-old the opportunity to learn all about the sport of tennis.

Rosemary “Rosie” Casals is dubbed to have 595 wins in singles and 508 in doubles while ranking among the world’s top 10 players in 12 seasons.

She’s bringing her experience and knowledge of the game to the courts of Woodhaven Country Club.  Watch Angela Chen of KESQ tell the story!


“It provides opportunities for them.” “Tennis is a great sport, it’s a lifetime sport.” said Casals.


With kids returning to their normal routines, the camp is giving these children the tools to enjoy themselves outdoors.

The Love & Love Tennis Foundation wants to get back to doing what it does best and that’s teaching kids tennis, helping Junior Tennis Programs in the valley of Southern California and beyond with grants and equipment, and continue spreading the goodwill that tennis has brought us. We need your help and support to reorganize our tennis programs to fit in with our “new normal.”

Tennis is a very individual centric sport, and that’s what one camp member said attracted him five years ago.

“Most sports like basketball or soccer are kind of team focused,” said 14-year-old Levi Kassinove, “And so when something goes wrong you can blame other people but when something goes wrong in tennis you can really only blame yourself.”

With the pandemic completely shutting down sports, another camp member jumped into playing tennis as it was the only sport she said was available for her to play.

“I was playing soccer and I love soccer. Then it shut down and now I play tennis.” said Taylor Lieberman, a 12-year-old camp member. “It’s not super dependent on everyone else that it’s more like me playing not everyone else.”

The next camp begins in July where camp members will now be able to play tennis and golf.

For more information on the camps, you can contact Ramirez Racquet Sports at (760) 895 – 8786 or

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