Stan Wawrinka & Novak Djokovic revisit IG covid interview podcast

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Welcome to TennisPAL Chronicles the podcast to feed your passion for all things tennis!  This podcast is sponsored by TennisPAL: TennisPAL for iPhone and Android is an app for anything tennis. It connects you with other players and coaches to chat, schedule playtime, and share moments with. Download the app today at!  

If we haven’t met, my name Phillip Kim also known as the tennis pro for the historic Langham Huntington Hotel in sunny southern California.  

It’s great to be back with you today talking tennis and I am sorry our dear friend Valerie isn’t on this podcast to cohost.  She has a new job and has been working 70+ hours a week!  It’s been hard to get our schedules together to record and I didn’t want to go too much longer without giving you guys some great Tennispal Chronicles content.  

Here in Los Angeles Tennis on the local courts is “singles play only” on the courts and of course wearing a mask before and after the play is mandatory.  On the bright side, It’s been exciting to see how many people are coming to the tennis court safely to get some exercise while most other forms of fitness are shut down again here.  Most gyms, fitness centers and groups sports remain closed so lots of people are giving tennis a second look.  A lot of my friends who previously played tennis or took a lesson have re-emerged to ask about getting back into the game.   It’s also encouraging to see so many beginners on the court with their families.  I could never have imagined that it would take a worldwide pandemic to bring tennis to the front of people’s minds.  I mean the courts are actually crowded in the evenings with people waiting to play!  One small ray of sunshine in this otherwise crazy 2020 right? 

I really hope you are safe and healthy wherever you find yourself and perhaps have more access to good tennis play than we do here in Los Angeles.  


I thought it would be fun to listen back to some of the great Pro tennis player content that came out when the pandemic first started.  There were so many great interviews and Instagram meetings that happened which really gave us an inside look at how the players are doing, how they are training or not training in this downtime, and their interactions with each other were priceless.  

You may have seen some of this content but I think its worth a second listen as some of it is long and really much better suited for podcast format because you can take it with you as you remodel your house or garden which is what everyone seems to be doing these days. 

We are starting today with the first Instagram interview that I think happened when tennis was first canceled.  It’s the conversation between world number #1 Novak Djokovic and grand slam champion Stanislas Wawrinka. You really get a sense of how playful and fun they are together and how much respect they have for each other.   I love the insider locker room thoughts they share about playing grand slams and their nerves getting ready to take center court. They both discuss playing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and I feel like it’s a conversation that could have only been shared in a time of COVID. I hope you enjoy this audio-only broadcast of their interview.  If you want to hear more content like this let us know on social @lovesetmatch and make sure to follow so we can connect!   Let’s jump right in with this great conversation between Novak and Stan


Passionate Tennis player and team leader of the LoveSetMatch tennis blog living in the city of Angeles. Check out our podcast "TennisPal Chronicles" and say hi @LoveSetMatch_