Something is Wrong With Women’s Tennis

France Tennis French Open

Yesterday was an exciting day with Isner vs Haas showcasing a real drama match ending with Haas winning 10-8 in the fifth set on his 13th match point, but what I felt like writing about was a thing that has bothered me a long time: Why many women tennis players are so unfit. If you can help me figure this out I would be very grateful.

I actually did write a post some years ago about why many women tennis players are overweight. I guess I had seen one too many matches were one or both players had a surprisingly large amount of belly fat. I couldn’t help but thinking about this again yesterday when I saw Marion Bartoli play and lose badly to Francesca Schiavone.

I don’t want to be a jerk here and talk too much about women’s body shapes, but I can’t help but wonder why in a sport that requires such intense fitness, a large portion of the female players are overweight. They must be practicing for hours every day – so how can this happen?

I have no idea really and that’s why I’m asking. Maybe you can fill me in or set me straight dear LoveSetMatch readers.