Sharapova Dumps Connors As Coach

Sharapova-Connors-overSharapova drops Connors as her coach after just one month and just one match in Cincy. For a chronology of their brief time together in pics … er, facial progressions … check out:  for more.  A picture is worth a thousand words!!!

UPDATED Sharapova Quotes:
“I wasn’t looking for somebody to come in and change things in my game drastically, especially at 26 years old,” she said. “It’s not really what I was looking for. It was more the understanding, the knowledge, and as I said, someone that is going to motivate me and push me at the right times, and when I need it.”

“I mean, I’ve achieved a lot on court, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t really care what I’ve achieved. He wants me to be better and greater, and he’s not going to tell me that I’m good, he’s not going to give me that compliment. He’s going to make me work hard and get the best out of me on the practice court, which eventually will be out on the court when I play my matches.”

After her loss to Stephens, Sharapova said the coaching change had not been a factor in her loss.

“I didn’t lose today because I didn’t implement what we were working on,” she said. “The things that we’re working on, I think, are to improve with the game I have. So, obviously, it’s tough to lose at this stage, but just got to keep working hard and keep moving forward.”

“Every good round starts with a bogey,” Connors tweeted after the loss. “Not the start we wanted, so back to work tomorrow.”

On Thursday Connors tweeted: “Back home in SB — family, pups, and home cooking. Oh — I forgot, and a vodka on the rocks.”