Save $10 on new Roger Federer RF hat at Uniqlo now!

Roger Federer has just released his new line of RF Hats in a glorious return to Federer fandom. It’s been years since Nike released the RF logo back to the swiss tennis star. Federer fans around the world have been waiting for this day so it is welcome news in the midst of the 2020 from hell.

The new RF HATS go on sale December 8, 2020 (possibly because 8 is Roger Federer’s favorite number?) and will be available from the UNIQLO sites in specific countries. Not all countries will have access to this treat.

In order to save 10% off your new purchase of over $75 you can use this code on your order. We are estimating a cost of $40 per hat based on the cost that is already posted on the Uniqlo Canada site so the discount would most likely kick in after two hats are purchased which is an easy buy for any Federer fan drooling to get their hands on the many colors now offered.  

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Save $10 on Uniqlo Coupon
Save $10 on Uniqlo Coupon







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