@RogerFederer retweeted me!

Federer dreaming of tweeting his fans 🙂


Okay so I am completely bragging and gaga right now but I am so excited that I just have to share!  Please forgive my total Federer Fanboy side for just a second or maybe channel it with me and understand that one of the greatest sports champions in the HISTORY of the game read my tweet and thought it worthy of retweeting.  OMG OMG I can’t breathe… read below while I hyperventilate slowly…


During the recent #askedRF twitter session, Roger asked

@rogerfederer: If you could watch me play any other athlete in any other sport (other than our own sport), what sport and what athlete? For example, it’d be fun to play ping pong with @KingJames #AskedRF
@TNe2F @rogerfederer You playing pétanque with @tonyparker ?
@SourceSyndicate @rogerfederer would love to see Mohammah Ali [sic] and Roger Federer in a pillow fight since both float like a butterfly and sting like a beeFedererRetweetwebsm


here is the link posted on Sports Illustrated website! They said “Here are some of the best responses Federer retweeted. Even his biggest fan, U.S. Olympic skier Lindsay Vonn got involved:”  and I was listed as one of the “best” omg!!!


and here is the recap from www.ATPWorldTour.com

okay I stop soon… I promise… but just one more tweet… now if I can only get him to watch my tennis show  and retweet that!  wow !



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