Roger Federer’s press conference following his victory in the 2nd round of Madrid.

Q.  Last year there was some controversy over the surface, and you, regardless of that, just swept through to victory.  I’ve heard very positive things about the surface this year.  I was wondering, I know you may have spoken about this in the past, but how do you find the surface this year?
ROGER FEDERER:  I think it’s very good.  To all the players I’ve spoken to I think they’re very happy.
Because I don’t think the problem was only last year.  I know that added to the whole controversy, the color, because of tradition and so forth.  It was extremely slippery and the court wasn’t taking the water well.
But even in previous years we had a lot bad bounces and difficult conditions to play in.  I don’t know if you remember the match point against Nadal a couple years ago in the finals.  It came slow and it bounced unbelievable.  I even totally missed the ball.
So that’s not going to really happen this year.  I think they dug down deeper, which makes it a better court.  They spoke to more experts from the French Open and Monaco, and you can tell it’s a proper clay court now.  It’s not just some court they laid down quickly within a few months and hoped for the best.
I think this time they really wanted to make sure that it’s a good court.  They delivered that, and the players in the process are going to be extremely happy.  Which they seem to be.

Q.  Radek and you both are over 30.  Last week Tommy Haas won a title.  Do you think you can play five or four more years? 
ROGER FEDERER:  Look, everybody has different careers.  Let’s say Radek, I think he made the breakthrough a little bit later.  He started with doubles first up and really made the breakthrough in singles, and in doubles he continued that great run. Maybe for that reason the beginning his career wasn’t so intense he’s able to last longer.
Tommy was injured for a few years of his career, which then now he can or is already adding towards the back end of his career.
I made the breakthrough early, but for years I’ve always looked at the long‑term.  I think that helps me to play for a long period of time, hopefully.  It was always my goal to play until 35 or more.
For that reason, I still feelI have many more years to go.  You always have to see how it goes in terms of injuries and those things, but it’s definitely inspiring seeing all the other players, many guys over 30 years old, still playing on tour and playing well.
That’s nice to have that generation of players next to you.  Because if I would be only guy over 30, it would feel a bit awkward, to be honest.
But I’m not.


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