Roger Federer’s pre-tournament press conference for the Rome Masters.

Q: Can you tell us what you think is the most difficult surface to change to.
R. FEDERER: I guess the hard court is the most normal and you can maybe play any way you want and it might work but clay and grass you have to adjust because if you play wrong you play bad because you might adjust too much. But maybe it also depends what your base is as a player.

Q: How many times have you been written off by a match like last week. People say there is something wrong and he’s not like what he was. What do you think of moments like that.  
R. FEDERER: Not at all. I understand that everyone want to be the first and I was surprised how early it was , straight after the French Open and I am happy last year like last year when you play well and nobody dares attack you because you are right. I look at the big picture. Short term is important in terms of confidence and I’m playing well but in the big picture I’m doing this well too. I have 6 weeks to play and I chose to take 7 weeks off but people sometimes don’t respect this and I become the best when I win a big tournament,. Now its important to focus on Rome and win and get used to playing on clay and I have nothing else to look into.

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