Roger Federer worth every emotion for fans like me

This art was inspired by a Federer Fanbook page from @xTani who wrote that she would go through all the feelings she had of wins and losses in 2014 again. That got me thinking about the French Open and how down everyone was that Roger lost to Stan in the Quarter Finals.  I created this piece as a way to heal the Federer Family and help them remember that no matter how many losses are ahead, being a Federer Fan is worth every emotion because of who Roger is.  He is an inspiration to us all the our lives are the better for being in the Federer Era of tennis.  More importantly, he really treats us as his friend on twitter and allows us the excitement of tweeting with him as impossible as that is for someone as popular as the Maestro is.

Let’s keep believing and supporting our Hero.  Come what may every time he walks on the court he makes history and our lives are the better for it.




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