Roger Federer vs. Andy Murray in semi at Wimbledon

Tomorrow the World No. 2 and No. 3 will face-off in a battle for a coveted spot in the Wimbledon 2015 men’s championship match.There’s is a long and rather turbulent rivalry, starting back in 2005, when Federer was world No. 1 and Murray an 18-year-old, as yet unranked Scotsman.Since then, they’ve duked it out all over the world, from Thailand to France.Tomorrow will be their 24th meeting.Federer holds sway over Murray, ever so slightly ahead 12 matches to 11.The big question: Can Federer play his game tomorrow when Murray will likely have the home-court advantage?’ll find out.Personally, my money’s on Federer.Regardless, it’s bound to be an exciting match.Watch below to see Federer’s last point against Gilles Simon yesterday at Wimbledon and a rather epic point in Murray’s match against Vasek Pospisil.