Roger Federer interview with Stefan Edberg updated surgery recovery and return to tennis + SABR history!

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Welcome to TennisPAL Chronicles the podcast to feed your passion for all things tennis!  This podcast is sponsored by TennisPAL: TennisPAL for iPhone and Android is an app for anything tennis. It connects you with other players and coaches to chat, schedule playtime, and share moments with. Download the app today at!  



Hello everyone Welcome to TennisPAL Chronicles the podcast to feed your passion for all things tennis!  


We have a special Roger Federer podcast for you so stay tuned to hear his insider conversation with former Coach and world No 1 Stefan Edberg.  As a bonus at the end of the video we hear Federer discuss his current health, his recovery from Knee surgery and his tournament plans for 2021. 

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Now for the RF Interview: 

Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg got together with Wilson to discuss the racquets that they have used in their careers and the legacy of Wilson’s tennis racquets. Edberg, Federer, and even Pete Sampras have had their own customized versions of Wilson’s Pro Staff.  This racquet has the incredible record of  117 Grand Slam wins and is the most winning racquet of all time.  More importantly, Federer and Edberg share their stories of changing to this racquet, adjustments made, and how the racquet impacted their game.  I love how these two champions discuss which racquets they still have from their lifelong winning streak.  


Let’s dive right into Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg. 


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