Roger Federer AusOpen 2017 Figurine Now Available! Celebrate the Moment!

I am so pleased to help my good friend Davide Degalo share his amazing Roger Federer artwork! We both love Roger more than words can say and after long hours on twitter and whatsapp came up with is idea to share this awesome figurine to the world!Roger Federer Fingurine Final

Here it is!! The New Roger Federer Figurine AUSOPEN 2017 is now available! This special commemorative figurine is handcrafted in clay and epoxy by artist Davide Del Gallo of Degaloff Design in Italy and you can have one now! So Cute right??  It’s about the size of your hand and you can take it with you wherever you go or add it to your Roger Federer Shrine (yes I have one too!)  

Order on my tennis blog here in the new Gift Shop ->

This re-creation of the most important moment in Roger Federer’s recent history winning the 18th Grand Slam title defeating arch-rival Rafael Nadal is one of the most beautiful reminders of that emotional moment when Roger Federer overcame all the odds to be Champion in the world of tennis again.  This special commemorative figurine is crafted individually and hand-painted by Davide just for special Federer fans like you and me!

As passionate Federer fans, we understand how special this moment is and want to preserve it for all time.  How many times have you rewatched that epic match when Roger was 1-3 down in the 5th set and all seemed lost except the true believers?  Roger says he knew he had his chances and was playing well.  It was a miracle moment and one that this figurine captures for all time.

Check out this cool video Davide created :


A portion of the sale of this figurine will be donated to the Roger Federer Foundation to support education in Africa.

Only 100 will be made and the first 15 will receive a special discounted price of $10 off since I know that will be my dearest friends who just gotta have it! Let me know if you have any questions about ordering, shipping, etc.

Thanks for your support!


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