Riviera Tennis Foundation helping underprivileged kids!

i have had pleasure of volunteering for the Riviera Tennis Foundation for the past two weekends and wanted to share some of the pictures with you.  The Riviera Foundation is hosted by a group of members of the Riviera Country Club – perhaps one of the best CCs in the Los Angeles area!  The tennis club members host quarterly Tennis Fun Days for children who are disadvantaged by economic, social, or cultural circumstances.  The Fun Days consist of world class tennis training as well as support for tennis opportunities.  Some of the members come to volunteer and bring their children as well so it’s a great mix of Palisades kids with kids from all over LA and I saw nothing but great friendships and spirited competition throughout the day.

Their Goals are: To improve the lives and opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the Greater Los Angeles area by supporting and initiating programs which promote self-esteem, multi-cultural understanding, and personal responsibility through involvement in tennis activities.

While there I was so encouraged by all the members and USPTA coaches who come to aid these kids as well as being really impressed with the kids themselves.  Many of them are really great players and have been coached by local neighborhood volunteers or parks and rec leaders.

Here are some pictures of the amazing day.

Riviera Tennis Day

If you would like join me at one of these events, or find out more about Fun Days or the Riviera Foundation leave a comment and I will follow up with you!  Their website for general information is visit www.therivieracountryclub.com

Special thanks to Coach UJ Neri for turning me on to this great organization!


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