RacketAID Online Tennis Stringing service delivered to your door Full Review

We were recently given the opportunity to test out the new RacketAid online stringing service and review their process.  You may remember that we were an early supporter to online stringing and featured a review of the now defunk StringBox online service.  It was sad to see them close their virtual doors.  When we were given the change to try RacketAid we jumped at the chance.

I am interested why they chose the spelling of the word “racket” rather than the more traditional “racquet.”   I am sure racket is more common usage and both usages are correct but we tend towards the Wimbledon traditionalists here at LoveSetMatch.

RacquetAid describes themselves as 1st truly digital platform for racket stringing + customization.  Their service costs $49 for one racquet strung, $79 for two racquets strung and includes a lot of fun freebies plus free shipping both ways in the deal.  Additionally if you keep your box after your first order, you can receive a 15% discount on the next order.

You can watch their fun video here

They describe their process as:

Complete Order. Receive Custom RacketAid Box.
Complete Work Order Located in Box.
Pack & Send With Pre-Paid Shipping Label (In Box).
Professional Technician Strings and Customizes Within 24 Hours.
Receive Your Racket(s) and Get Back On The Court!

I received the box in the mail with shipping instructions that were printed with color and clear.  The 10 steps on the instruction page were easy enough to follow.  Page two of the instructions is a customization page which informs the stringer of your racquet string choice and tension desired.  You can see a list of the strings available here.  I chose the soft poly as the main and multi-filament for the crosses.   A nice touch with the stringing is the inclusion of a FREE overgrip you can choose in black or white.  For a truly customized racquet stringing, one can also choose their FREE custom stencil applied to the racquet which include any letters of the alphabet or pictograms like smiley face or company logo i.e. Babolat.  This is super fun option and almost like adding an Emoji to your racquet!

The box they sent easily fits two racquets which I packed with some newspaper to make sure there isn’t any box banging happening in the soft hands of the shipping carriers.  One has the option of choosing USPS or UPS location to drop off the box with a pre-paid label.  I choose UPS which is right around the corner.   The instructions say the wait for the turn around is 4-7 business days.  I am sure mine might have been on the lower end of the range except that I forgot to include the stringing instructions page. Once they received my box they sent me a message on Facebook asking me for that information and sheepishly I sent it to them.  Darn! I forgot to tell them what fun stencil I wanted!  Next time it’s the rocket to the moon!


The box was returned to me within 5 days right to my door and my rackets were freshly strung!  I even received a new dampener with the racquet once returned.   It was painless and easy!  So far I have played with one of the racquets strung by RacketAid and the tension felt great.  Sadly the multi-filament string they used did end up breaking on my second 5 hour hitting session and I was sad to see it go so quickly.  I am sure this has less to do with RacketAid and more to do with my heavy top spin style of playing but it was sad none the less.  I look forward to trying out the second racquet and will report back once I have.

In all, this racquet stringing service is a jem.  Here in Los Angeles, many of my friends shlep out to Racquet Doctor in Glendale to get their racquet strung and while this may only be every 3-6 months it is a 3-4 hour ordeal plus gas to make it happen.  This service is especially great for people who are in the outlying areas where a stringer is not easily accessible. I assume these are tennis players who have more than one racquet and aren’t in a hurry to play their league match this Saturday.  If you are like me and have more than 3 racquets of the same version, it’s easy to give up a spare to be strung. With a turn around time of 4-7 days, even the league match is doable as long as you don’t forget the instructions like me!    If you love the convenience of Amazon for your shopping needs, you will love the time savings and convenience from RacketAid.  Their service is not only for tennis!  They also offer badminton, racquetball & squash string.

To string your racquet using their service, visit RacketAID


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