Pro Tennis staggering prize money gap

Most of John Millman’s year is spent playing in front of small crowds for even smaller winner’s cheques. Source: News Limited

For two hours work on Rod Laver Arena, Djokovic earnt $310,000 — the difference between reaching the quarters and the semis.

Compare that to Australian journeyman John Millman, who since turning pro in 2006 has earned $304,009.

It’s a startling example of the growing inequality in professional tennis that one player can earn more in one night than another has in almost 10 years on the circuit.

* OF the combined 13,736 male and female professional players in the world in 2013, 6108 didn’t earn a cent of prizemoney.

* OF the $162 million of prizemoney paid in men’s competition, $97.5 million went to the top one per cent of players (the top 50).

* ON average it cost about $160,000 a year to compete on the pro circuit and only 1.8 per cent of men and 3.1 per cent of women earnt enough to cover.

* OF the $120 million paid in women’s, more than half went to the top 26.

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