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#TennisRunsInOurBlood means to me: From the atomic and cellular level of the human body, to the sweat that flows from one’s pores into the eyes, from sweaty head to blistered toes, from the follicle of each hair to the drenched and dripping fimbriated ends, from the grunt in the deepest pit of a competitor’s fire in the belly, and with every fiber of one’s being, EMOTING the true competitive spirit, the desire to win, the acceptance of defeat, the endurance of the agony,and the elation of victory- appreciating and reveling in the knowledge that JUST TO BE ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME YOU LOVE…IS A PRIVILEGE. #Babolat KG


written by the talented and insightful @thisisanfield_8

Roger Federer is relieved after finally winning the French Open in 2009. Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Here is my thoughts on #tennisrunsinourblood

We are the embodiment of every stroke and every win in tennis history channeled through the years and filtered down into the concentrated power of life sustaining passion.  We ARE Goran Ivanisevic the only wildcard to ever win Wimbledon.  We ARE Rocket Rod Laver winning all four major singles titles in the same year.  We ARE Don Budge playing for our country and our very national identity.  We ARE Roger Federer finally winning the French Open after countless tries.  We ARE also Andy Roddick longing for the Wimbledon trophy that would never come. We ARE Andre Agassi struggling with back problems and our own demons.  We ARE John McEnroe loosing our temper and screaming at the skies.  Yes Tennis runs in our blood collectively and with the power of history deepening its color, tennis continues to flow on.


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