Novak Djokovic & Maria Sharapova IG Interview + Roger Federer Birthday Giveaway Federesque Coffee Book

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Welcome to TennisPAL Chronicles the podcast to feed your passion for all things tennis!  This podcast is sponsored by TennisPAL: TennisPAL for iPhone and Android is an app for anything tennis. It connects you with other players and coaches to chat, schedule playtime, and share moments with. Download the app today at!  

On August 8th, Roger Federer will turn 39 years old!  Its stunning to imagine that the Swiss maestro will still be playing tennis at the top of his game at this age.  Yes there are other players who have played so long at a high level (we are looking at you Ivo Karlovic) but none that have risen to the heights that Mr. Federer still achieves.  It is easy to say that Roger Federer has inspired the tennis world and perhaps the whole sports world what can be accomplished even through social norms dictate a demise much sooner in one’s career.

In order to celebrate this most important of days, LoveSetMatch is partnering with the good people at Federesque to give away the most appropriate gift possible.  The Roger Federer coffee table book is really a work of art.  It’s the first of it’s kind to present Federer fandom in printed form.  It’s a beautiful collection of photos and writings that depict the legend as he should be.  It’s a book that I believe every tennis fan should have.

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FEDERESQUE ” is the first elegant “coffee-table” book of Roger Federer and is a pictorial essay of his 20/20 career. It is not ” just another tennis book ” – it is an elegant photographic art book designed to be admired during his current career, and cherished the sad day he hangs up his racket. The photos have been taken by the award-winning tennis photographer Antoine Couvercelle whose beautiful images capture the emotion and humility of this Swiss tennis role-model ambassador. Accompanying the photographs are mini-essays from the former Telegraph tennis journalist, and author Mark Hodgkinson, who has witnessed most of Federer’s career highlights, and has interviewed the Swiss several times.

To enter, just subscribe to the youtube channel for LoveSetMatch and send us an email letting us know what youtube profile you used to subscribe if it has a funky name like Wacky Tennis Girl 83 or something.    If you are already subscribed as I  know many of you are, just send us the email let us  know your identity and thanks for being a subscriber!  We are working hard to build our channel to get over 1000 subscribers and right now we are at 967 so close!! 

I can’t believe the US Open is around the corner and they still haven’t canceled it yet?? I am meeting with Rich Neher of Tennis Club Business Newsletter who has some really in-depth views on what is happening with the USTA and the US OPEN so that will be our next podcast US OPEN special report.


This podcast episode we are Continuing with the awesome IG interviews and featuring Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova.   I thought this episode really was special since it allowed Maria to talk about her retirement moment and her plans for the future.  I also think the banter between these two is priceless.  I feel like Maria keeps Novak on his toes or maybe a better way to say it is that she keeps his feet to the fire!  Great, let’s jump right in on this great interview! 


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