Novak DJokovic ENGAGED to Jelena Ristic!

I don’t know maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t he be looking at her instead of the camera?  This pic was taken from his facebook page and he posted “Getting used to introducing Jelena as my fiancee’ and future wife.  So happy!”  National media outlets have jumped the gun before on news of a Djokovic-Ristic engagement — they’re like the Will and Kate of Serbia but this was posted on Facebook which is never wrong.  The couple has been dating for 8 years (read cold feet) and (put a ring on it) Jelena is the director of his charitable foundation.  You gotta kind of wonder if Djoker ever says anything like “why can’t you be like Mirka?”  idk just sayin.

And well he could not have done any better because Jelena is not only gorgeous but ever faithful and supportive to the Djoker and all his antics!

Here is a stunning collage of pics of his fiancee’

that’s more like it!

i mean wow! am i right?
ok i should just stop now
lets end it with a kiss 🙂



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