Monterey Park Master Plan : Tennis vs Pickelball Update


The City of Monterey Park is making big changes to the use of city facilities including parks and recreation.  Now is your chance to be heard and make sure Tennis has front city in front of City officials.  There are two commissioners who are pro pickelball and anti-tennis that serve as Recreation Commissioners.  Even though you would think they should be impartial, they are dedicated to the expansion of the pickelball activity.   If we don’t voice our tennis support now, the city will go to the loudest voices.  Here is your chance to be heard.   Please fill out the Master Plan Survey and share your support of Tennis

Our goal is simply to have access to tennis courts for the growing tennis community and not to loose access to pickelball players.  The city currently has developed pickelball courts for their players so we only ask that they continue to use their courts rather then the tennis courts.  In addition pickelball players can play at dedicated courts in Montebello, Whittier, and other neighboring cities.  There is no reason for tennis players to have to give up even more court space,

Press Release

The City of Monterey Park Department of Recreation and Community Services is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever Parks System Master Plan. This extensive planning process is beginning now and will shape the future of the city’s open space network and recreational services.

This planning initiative reflects the City of Monterey Park’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for residents through thoughtful and strategic planning and investment. The planning process will be community-driven, ensuring that the voices of residents are heard and valued.

Throughout the process, the City of Monterey Park and consultant team City Fabrick will work to uplift the voices of all residents, stakeholders and partners, including those who have been historically marginalized from the decision-making process and those most vulnerable to long-range planning decisions.

Funding for this ambitious project has been made possible through the generous support of Los Angeles County Measure A. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to investing in local parks and recreational facilities to enhance the overall quality of life for residents across the region.

Additionally, regular updates and opportunities for engagement will be shared through official City of Monterey Park communication channels. The City of Monterey Park looks forward to collaborating with the community to create a visionary Parks System Master Plan that reflects the collective aspirations and needs of its residents.


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