Match for Africa 4 : Seattle Style

The match for Africa 4 held at the Key Arena in Seattle was a rousing success and raised over $2 million dollars for the Roger Federer Foundation.  Thanks to the help of Bill Gates and his partners in Seattle, the US fans got to enjoy an amazing evening of tennis.

Watching Roger Federer and Bill Gates on one side and John Isner and Mike McCready (pearl jam) on the other side was electric.  Even though it was exhibition and full of laughter the match was engaging and exciting.

You can rewatch the complete match on Bill Gates or Roger Federer’s facebook page here :

While in Seattle Roger posted some great seattle moments:


The Seattle Crowd was electric.  I can only imaging what it was like in Key Arena with all the cheers, crowd laughter, noise, and general merriment.   The whole event started out with the guitarist of Pearl Jam performing the national anthem Jimi Hendrix style :

What an amazing night of tennis and all for a great cause.  Roger Federer is using his rest time to make a difference in our world.  He mentioned flying all the way across the world to be in Seattle to do this event – that is how much it means to him. The world definitely needs Roger Federer and more heroes like him!  It was great to see Mirka in the stands as well sitting next to the CEO of the Federer foundation and chatting away as an interview was happening in the next seat!  So nice to have so much facetime with Mrs. Federer ! Wish the interview was with her too though!~


Finally Roger left us a warm thankyou tweet!


ps i saw our Federer fam Scarlett Li in the audience too and here was her pics! Check out more on her twitter feed!



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