Lovesetmatch & LA Tennis Group partnership!

Jackie smash @peppapots from LATG

Some fun news: The L.A. Tennis Group is joining forces with tennis blog LovesetMatch.Net to bring you a chance to win some cool prizes. Each month, they’re giving away great tennis goodies via random drawing.

This March, some lucky player will win 1 set of Babolat RPM racquet strings, which are known for adding topspin. “I was able to hit hard, yet go high over the net and still have the ball hook well inside the lines, thanks to all the topspin I was getting,” Tennis Warehouse reviewer, Chris, reports. “I could also drive my slice backhand with good pace and keep the ball low off the bounce with lots of dirty slice.”

To enter to win, all you have to do is sign up for LoveTennisMatch’s monthly emailed newsletter. It contains giveaway info, tournament news, tennis product reviews, and connects you to other passionate  players and fans.

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The winner will be announced via email March 31, and more monthly giveaways will follow. Questions? Reach out to LoveSetMatch founder PK on Twitter @SourceSyndicate.

Good luck and may the balls be ever in your favor,

Jackie *Smash*




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