Juan Martin del Potro

Off all the great players outside the Fab Four I believe Juan Martin Del Potro has the weapons and the skill to become world number 1.
He also seems like a gentle giant who I am sure would represent the world of tennis like a true champion.

After winning the U.S. Open in 2009, del Potro’s game came to a grinding halt in 2010 because of continuing problems with his right wrist. Eventually, the wrist required surgery, which he underwent in May of 2010.

In 2013, he has a 25-9 match record with one ATP title after Wimbledon’s conclusion. His winning percentage reached 73.5. In 2009 at this exact point in time, his record stood at 32-10 with one title after Wimbledon ended. He held a 76.2 winning percentage. He is close to his 2009 level of play.

The stranglehold on the top 4 is weakening and the field seems stronger than ever.  With his impressive run at Wimbledon there is great hope for Del Potro to break through.  If Juan Martin can overcome his current injury, one believe he has one of te closest changes to ascendency.


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