Journey to Indian Wells BNP PARIBAS OPEN 2017

Monday March 13th

Well what a great 1st match for Roger Federer finishing in 53 minutes?? He was a little slow warming up in the 1st set but started hitting winners at will in the 2nd!  That was a lot of fun!  The crowd was crazy happy to see him and cheered super loud after big points.  It was exciting to be there.  His match interview was his usual “grateful to be back” and touched all the heart strings.  They have been playing the Federer interviewed by kids video on the big screen every hour so hearts all over IW have been melting for Roger lol.  After the match i did my first periscope broadcast of a walk through indian wells leaving the grounds.  You an see the video here I honestly feel super dumb doing them but I thought maybe someone far away could enjoy what it feels like to be here 🙂  It really is beautiful!

There was a little change with Roger as he decided not to show up for his 4pm public practice.  My guess is he practiced in private in the morning.  It was sad cuz thousands of people were cueing up to see him practice.  One Fed Fan that is a friend on twitter flew all the way from Japan with the hopes of seeing Roger close up and maybe getting an autograph so that was a heartbreaking for her.  We were supposed to meet up at the practice and she even saved me at seat courtside which was so super sweet.

Erica the ball girl posted an amazing periscope about what it was like to ball girl for the great one and not fall apart by being so close to him.  She also talked about the difference between Federer and Djokovic from the ball girl perspective.  Wow she was gushing with love for Roger which i can relate too. Just the cutest thing ever!   Wish i was as brave as her!  Thanks Erica!!

Here are some more pics from the day

yeah so Kevin Anderson – my friends wanted to go see him but I wanted to go wait for Roger’s practice even though it was a full 3 hours before the schedule but of course they won and I am glad they did cuz RF practice was cancelled but right when Kevin was waiting to walk on court I went up to him and asked if I could take a selfie with him and he waved me off.  Minutes later they announced him to enter the court.  What was I thinking to interupt his preparation for the match?? He eventually lost the match and I am sure it was cuz of my bonehead move.  ugh!  Sorry Kevin!  And it was so cool to see his wife Kelsey sitting courtside and watching her man.  Made me feel so proud of her and how faithful and dedicated she is.  wow can you imagine watching wins and losses together?  so emotional.  Kelsey posted this awesome tweet after the match. I wish the best for them both!

So much more to tell but most of all thanks for all the likes and retweets and views!  You guys are super awesome.  Oh and I got a selfie with Nick Bollettieri which is super special and going into the private collection 😉  More coming up soon!




Thursday March 9th

I am packing and getting ready to go. I have my Roger Federer shirt for the Maestro to sign if I should be so lucky! I will be wearing my lucky swiss pin from the Swiss Olympic team!

I will be wearing my Darth Federer Hat and bringing one to sign with my Federer Emoji shirt!


Here is a tweet of Roger Federer practicing with Alexander Zverev


I have created this page so I can update it quickly with photos and news about my trip to Indian Wells BNP PARIBAS OPEN 2017 and hopefully a chance to meet Roger Federer again. I had that dream opportunity to meet him in both 2015 and 2014 Indian Wells tournaments and will recount those experiences here soon. Keep checking this page!


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