Hello Federer Fans from all over the world!

We are all so excited about the chance of Roger Federer winning his 8th Wimbledon title and his 18th Grand Slam.  We have waited so long for this moment and I believe he will do it this year!!

I don’t want to jump the gun or jinx him but  @KishoreRF @SoyFederista @DaniiCNav and @sourcesyndicate and other great friends dreamed together of preparing for that moment!  The idea is this :

  1.  When Roger Federer wins each one of us will post a picture or graphic that says #IAlwaysBEL18VED on twitter and Instagram and hopefully we can start trending this tag to congratulate Roger and show him that we have ALWAYS been behind him!
  2.  Send me that picture of yourself or some graphic with that hashtag #IAlwaysBELIEVED and your twitter or IG name and I am going to create a Congratulations / Celebration VIDEO of all of us showing Roger support and probably add some cool Wimbledon photos and videos too.  I won’t be able to do it immediately but hopefully I can do it soon after!
  3. Please help spread the word by sending this blog page info to anyone you know wants to be a part of the FEDFAM celebration. Do it now!

Please join us in this dream and lets BELIEVE that Roger will do the impossible again!  I Know Roger believes it can happen so we should too!  This plan is all going to happen ONLY if Roger Federer wins but i would love if you could send me a picture asap so I can start building the video and hopefully make it ready for when it happens.  The cut off deadline is the end of day RF WINS Wimbledon so please do it now 🙂

I will list all the people I receive a picture from below so you can make sure you are included!




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