How Coach Shawna Barasch Wilson and Grand Slam champion Pam Shriver are changing the game of tennis

Shawna Barasch Wilson is the founder of SBW Tennis in West Los Angeles, CA and for the last 17 years, she has been running her academy mostly out of 9 private homes with courts in the Brentwood, CA area.  As the coach of Pam Shriver’s son Sam, Shawna and Pam have come together to develop a concept called homecourt which is similar to an Airbnb model for private tennis courts.   They will be rolling out the program in Los Angeles, Rhode Island, the Hamptons, Connecticut and more in partnership with TennisPal.   To list your home court in the Homecourt TennisPAL database enroll here . You can reach Shawna directly at her website
  • Shawna Wilson was consistently a top-ranked junior throughout her early years in tennis. She went on to a very successful college career where she was one of the top-ranked doubles players in the country, and an all American.
  • Wilsons accomplishments on the court are nothing short of outstanding, but her real passion for the game is within coaching. For 14 years, she has worked with many up and coming juniors that have gone on to receive college scholarships, as well as top high school players, beginning juniors, and adults of all levels.
  • Shawna is the founder of the Shawna Barasch Tennis Academy where she specializes in tennis for all ages and abilities. From first-timers to tournament players, SBW provides sound fundamentals and training to help aspiring tennis players reach their own individual goals on the court.
  • Shawna’s unmatched passion for the game and her love for helping others has made a significant impact on players of all ages and skill types. Her energy is present in every lesson she teaches and her desire to share the sport continuously helps to grow the game of tennis.
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