Free Tennis for All!

Our mission as a Non Profit at LoveSetMatch is to offer free fitness education to those who need it. While we work with everyone and anyone, we are especially keen to help those who are underserved and considered under privileged. Tennis is the greatest sport of all and has so many benefits mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. Our goal is to make tennis lessons more accessible, use it as a tool to educate kids to succeed in life, and hopefully continue to build the community and the sport!

Tennis has often had a sigma of being unaccessible unless you are wealthy and we want to disrupt the idea that it is a game for only a few.  Tennis is for everyone!

We are launching a new pilot program called “FREE TENNIS FOR ALL” partnering with the city of Monterey Park.  Every Saturday afternoon at 12pm we will host a free tennis class for those who want to join us.  To sign up just do two things

  1. Fill out the Registration Form and tell us who you are!

  2.   Donate to LoveSetMatch

    Our lessons are typically $80 an hour (most coaches are more!) and we are giving them away so this is the most affordable way to experience a tennis class. We think everyone can afford at least $1 and we want to make sure you have a reason to show up.  If you CAN afford more to support our program, we welcome your partnership with us!  Please give what you can afford and maybe consider paying it forward for someone who can not.   You gift is also a tax deductible donation! So Bonus!

    We appreciate your confirmation by completing a donation as soon as possible before the lesson to guarantee date and time. .You can donate using your ZELLE app.  On zelle you can find us at

    or you can donate on our facebook page

Once you donate & register, we will send you a link to register yourself for one of our free classes.

Don’t worry, we will group you with people of your same skill and age level which is why we ask so many questions on the form.

The classes are grouped as follows:

Kids age 6-11

Teens age 12-17 Beginners

Teens Age 12-17 Intermediate

Adults Beginner

Adult Intermediate

In class, you will experience our passion for tennis and why we have so many positive reviews online.  We will share with you our mission, options to learn tennis with us, and hopefully introduce you to some friendly tennis pals!

The class is specifically held at George Elder Park.  You can use this address to see where we are :

2101 Lupine Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755


Love what we are doing?  Here are three ways you can help!


  1. Share this program with friends and let them experience our tennis classes.
  2. Donate to sponsor a friend or even someone you don’t know.
  3. Connect with us and let’s start a tennis revolution.

Have any questions?

We would love to hear from you!  Send an email to 


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