FILA Sentinel tennis shoes review Long lasting heavy duty and affordable

I am watching the Davis cup match of Mikial Kukushkan and Roger Federer playing and just noticed that Kukushkin is wearing the same FILA Sentinel tennis shoes that I have received as a demo.   I have been wearing them for about 3 weeks now and play 3x a week so I am putting them through their paces.  These are also the same shoes used by pros Andres Seppi and Jankovic


Upon opening the box, I found the shoes to be good looking, very light, and comfortable. I was a bit worried as the shoes felt almost too light compared to Barricades that I have owned and the Prince T22 shoes which I just recently wrote a demo on. Although they are lighter than most, I didn’t find the shoe to be any less stable. They are very comfortable shoes I find the padding to be flexible and supportive without being constrictive. The full-length Evergrind outsole features a modified herringbone pattern for great traction on all surfaces and is backed by a six month durability guarantee.


On court the shoe feels like they glide across the court and float easily as you might expect from such a light shoe. The mesh material seem to provide heat relief although I am not sure how the mesh like material works since the holes don’t actually vent the inside compartment. They haven’t proved overly hot after a match so there must be some heat relief happening that I don’t see. Speaking of relief, the heel cushioning on these shoes seems really good. I often have heel pain after I play for a few hours with other shoes, but these I have read online that the shoe tends to run ½ size bigger and a tad wider than might be expected so there are some recommendations to order a half size smaller. This worked well for me as I typically wear ankle brace supports when I play and fit nicely at my normal size.

Considering these shoes are often on sale for less than $60, I highly recommend them. They have lasted well beyond many other brand name shoes I have owned and work perfectly in match play. Cudos to Fila for stepping up to the service line serving up an Ace of a tennis shoe!




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