FedererFanBook video now live on youtube

The awesome fans of Roger Federer gathered some of his most ardent twitter fans and asked them to submit a collage of some of their favorite Fed pics and possibly including a picture of themselves if they so choose. The FedererFanBook is A video compilation of over 100 global fan submissions honoring the greatest tennis player of all time Roger Federer. Though he has millions of fans, this is just a peek at the passion behind the man from his adoring fans.

These pictures were taken from an actual hard copy book that was printed and created to send to Roger Federer. If you do retweet this link or the FedererFanBook please do not directly tweet Roger until he has received the hard copy volume. We are hoping it will be a surprise for him!

Federerfanbook compiled by @elfrien_rin @teamfederinka @berilium12 @micikeyn @sofia__rf and video created by @SourceSyndicate

direct youtube link here on tennisopolis page : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5bvPNwbeqY&feature=youtu.be


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