FEDERER “No time to think defeats” Rome preparations

Bouncing back from a early round loss for Roger Federer is crucial and Feddy is definitely in attack mode physically with practice and mentally with the media.  Here are some exclusive pictures from our twitter friend @JCasaresB


FEDERER: “There is no time to think about defeats, it’s necessary to train and get prepared. Last year the situation was completely different: all was going for the right sense and there were almost no critics. The change was fast and sudden, all have a great will to stay on the ATP throne. Now, it’s fundamental to keep high the concentration here in Rome, I have to win some important matches and above all I have to find the right confidence with the surface. Basically I try to keep a playing style homogeneous no matter what is the surface, anyway I’ll produce some little change for the occasion.”

Federer also congratulated his countryman Wawrinka on his performance in Madrid.


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