Exclusive Clip & Quotes from Venus and Serena Documentary


What didn’t I do to copy Venus?” Serena says. “I was never the one that was supposed to be good, but I was determined not to be a statistic.”

“My parents told me I’d be No. 1,” Venus says with a broad smile. “I was brainwashed.”

“I hate losing more than I like winning,” Serena admits.

Serena: I think it was just a great time to capture in my life. I believe I wasn’t doing that great — I’d just fallen from grace, so to say. And you really see all the hard work that I was able to do and that I tried to do. Just from the beginning I won Stanford, and then I won Toronto, and then I get to the finals of the Open, and then you can kind of see a little bit of the history of me getting back to where I am now, and I think that was kind of cool.

while this clip is not from the documentary it is very insightful at their development and who they were when they were young



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