Decisions are necessary!

Since I decided that I wanted to play college tennis, I had to deal with lots of stuffs, I knew that this will take a while, it will require of effort, sacrifice, dedication and is because every single thing in life that its worth to fight for, it´ll requiere to do what ever it takes.


I had read a lot of athlete stories and I found something in common and I found that they did a lot of sacrifices, as a tennis player I´ve learn that to be the best you can be you have to change your life, I have to give up on parties and boyfriends and roadtrips with friends… all what you do as a teenager…


I was hard, because sometimes my friends told me that I was wasting my time and then I realize that I was actually doing the opposite, I was living my life 100% because I was doing what I love.. I read once that we spend our entire life finding our passion and when we found it we know whats the sense in life so thats was what I  was doing… Tennis is my passion

Also my dad as a coach was more intense, he made me work harder than anyone else, he put  a pressure on me and sometimes you feel like you cant take it anymore… But I continue… and I did it because tennis  made me the person that I am today and I feel I can beat any obstacle.

I want to play tennis as long as my body allows me!

Tennis has giving me everything I have right now, It has giving me joy and happiness, especially because of my dad (my coach) and I have found on him the support that I thought I would never could get… He believes in me and had helped me so much.

My parents are the ones that help me to get up every time  I fall, they believe in me even when I doubt of myself…


When I took the risk to sign on the recruitment event, it was the beginning of the year and it was an online payment, we didnt not have how to pay for that because my didnt even have a credit card, so we search and after you ask for it you need to wait for about six months and well we did, in that time while we were waiting my passport expire… I immediately make everything to get a new one.

I receive my passport we were in march, and well besides the Showcase(recruitment event) was in USA… I didnt have an american visa… So had to ask for one its hard to do that especially because my dad and I were the only ones that could ask for it because my sister had problems so couldnt do it.

Finally my dad get the credit card and we could sign for the event, I took the risk to do it without having the american visa, so if they denied me the visa I was gonna lose all what I had invest.


My Dad has this paradigm of doing the things on your own… We did and maybe thats why It was so hard I made a lot of mistakes and I learned to do things on my own but it wasnt easy.


I didnt have the money to pay for a program to help me so I feel proud to say that I did this by myself.


This is just the beginning so keep reading my blog and you´ll know what I have lived.




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